France/Italy Scams

This is a work in progress. I'm writing based on personal research, allow me to expand.

Certain laws in France and Italy don't allow actions against juveniles in few crimes. Hence, better be extra cautious with them.

Most of the scams either directly try to extort you of money by means of emotional burdening, or distract you to allow an accomplice to pickpocket or steal your belongings.

Unofficial tour guides: People come across as tour guides, with limited knowledge, often charge quite higher. Some of them also tend to run away with your belongings on the pretext of Give me your bag, I'll take photographs. Use official tour guides for best experiences.

Fake police officers: Usually, no police officers would ask you for your identity cards in these countries. If they do, try to show them photocopy or ask for their identity. There are less reports but not nil, of fake police officers.

Roma/Street beggars: Groups of individuals, including children, may approach you asking for money or signatures while distracting you. Stay vigilant and avoid engaging with them.

Pickpocketing: Crowded tourist areas, public transportation, and major attractions are prime targets for pickpockets. Keep your belongings secure, use a money belt or secure bag, and be aware of your surroundings.

Fake petitions: Scammers ask tourists to sign petitions for a charitable cause while distracting them. The intention is to steal personal belongings during the interaction.

ATM skimming: Few ATMs are known to replace scanners and skimming devices, to steal your card information and use it for their own transactions. Use ATMs located within banks or trusted establishments.

Overpriced items/menu scams: Few shops/restaurants inflate prices in touristy areas. Take a walk away from these for all shopping/dining. The food and souvenirs are also great when you walk away from popular spots.

Gold ring scam: A scammer finds a gold ring on the ground near you and offers to sell it at a low price. The ring is usually fake or worthless. Avoid engaging with these individuals. A variation of this scam is to say we both found it, but you keep the ring while accomplice might be doing another job. Don't respond and keep walking.

String/Rope bracelet scam: A person approaches you and offers to make a friendship bracelet, but then demands payment for it. They can be persistent and create a sense of obligation. Sometimes, 3-4 of them round up and put pressure to pay.

Ticket reselling: Be cautious when purchasing tickets from street vendors, as they may be counterfeit or invalid. Purchase tickets from authorized vendors or official ticket offices.