Diving into wilderness

Diving into wilderness

Trincomalee, Srilanka.
With a countdown of 3..2..1…Jump, I’d hear a Β splash of water in the calm ocean. Within few fin movements, I’d transit from the familiar world of today to the underworld with memories from thousands of years ago.

As I delve deeper, with my weight left at the surface, I could see laws of nature bending. Around me is vibrant coral colours silently whispering ages of wisdom they hold.

In a few moments, I’ve been part of a silent orchestra wrapped around me.
I’m no longer myself there, touching the ocean floor slowly and waving to the colourful tiny fishes around.

With a luminescent blue star fish feeding on the corals, gentle large fishes with curious eyes, a turtle swimming with a tenderness of years embedded in it, the underworld was a time travel I’d never get my head around.

It was easy to be lost in time, yet I started to ascend reluctantly, knowing quite well I’ll enter the enchanting world again and again. With visuals etched into my memories, tranquility of silence echoing in my ears, the deepest water lit its darkest secrets for me.