Welcome 2021

Welcome 2021

The year was 2020. Notorious in modern history as the year that paused the world, with a deadly virus. The progress of existence hasn't yielded ahead, changing the way we define time.

With travel restrictions, the sun-dried up and the earth took a halt. The world quickly adapted to a new, tampered lifestyle.

Jude from @tourdeoutdoors decided to decorate the time we've, to celebrate what we've been through.

He quickly stitched a group of 15 avid strangers and graduated them through a lesser-known trail. The heartwarming journey, wrenching the abilities of everyone, made it to the grandeur of surprises.

The threaded ball rolled up through the bamboo forests, dipped in the glaciated streams, flew above the clouds, and blessed with an outstanding crew to support them all along.

Over the darkness, the land of unknown opened up to the best illusion of snow-covered massifs. The pristine mountains stood tall, calm and glittering gold while the sun coloured up the sky. The eyes were never ready for what's in front of, and they weren't to blink for a minute!

The folks weaved an emotional bond, lent a hand to next human, and all the way held their hands and heads high.
Together, in their teary eyes at the summit, they made the sun smile, woke up the wind, made the earth move!

Being a tiny knot in the bond, I was part of "Welcome 2021" at Dafey Bhir, Sikkim.