Platonic friendships

Platonic friendships

The boundaries are often unclear, and yet the intertwined lifestyles blur the distance, in friendship. There’s no exclusivity, no commitment, no priority.

The existence of one another is celebrated, the joys and successes of others matter a lot but they’re not in our head when life replays. It’s simple fun and selflessly being happy for others.

We often take friendships for granted while they’ve been the gravity of our life for letting us fall, stand or run. The beauty of friendship though, is it’s built effortless. Just like gravity, it exists and we trust it blindly.

As we age, the routine we’ve once celebrated becomes platonic. When we grow up together, we’re what they’re and they’re what we’re.

Over time, we change. It’s in our ability and interest, to revive and keep the friendship alive. Platonic isn’t the death, and we never are grown ups among friends.

Keep growing younger!!