Platonic friendships

Platonic friendships

The boundaries are often unclear, and yet the intertwined lifestyles blur the distance, in friendship. Thereโ€™s no exclusivity, no commitment, no priority.

The existence of one another is celebrated, the joys and successes of others matter a lot but theyโ€™re not in our head when life replays. Itโ€™s simple fun and selflessly being happy for others.

We often take friendships for granted while theyโ€™ve been the gravity of our life for letting us fall, stand or run. The beauty of friendship though, is itโ€™s built effortless. Just like gravity, it exists and we trust it blindly.

As we age, the routine weโ€™ve once celebrated becomes platonic. When we grow up together, weโ€™re what theyโ€™re and theyโ€™re what weโ€™re.

Over time, we change. Itโ€™s in our ability and interest, to revive and keep the friendship alive. Platonic isnโ€™t the death, and we never are grown ups among friends.

Keep growing younger!!