Cafes vs co-working spaces

Cafes vs co-working spaces

One of them gives coffee for free, and the other gives a seat and wifi for free.

In 2022, we're no longer ask what is the option?, rather, we ask what is the best option? For every problem, there's a solution. It's likely slower, poorer in experience. But it exists. Certain options cover only a specific set of elements and as consumers, we're always on a hunt to accommodate ourselves in the best possible option.

Now, Cafes solve for excellent coffee. Reasonably good wifi, quite ambient, good decor and comfortable seating. Their wifi and electricity backup is semi reliable. It's great if you know what you're doing, and you can get into the zone to work. You'll have limited distractions apart from noise and people chattering around. Nothing you can't sovle with a good set of earphones and white noise/music in your ears.
But their primary objective is to have people hangout in their space and drink coffee.

Co-working spaces solve for excellent workspace. Pretty good wifi, office environment, all the legal jargon you'd need to run a company, a good community of people working around, and some other incentives like helping in funding, opportunities to scale business, quick user research, etc. Their primary objective is to help companies scale from zero to however they can sustain. Their coffee is blah.

If you're in a cafe, you'll see new faces everyday. If you're in a co-working space, you'll see continuity.

Continuity imposes a good need for progress within, even if they're nowhere close to your work.

Choose a cafe when you want your own time (at times, like a day), and you're used to the noise and have a need to see other faces, however unfamiliar. To do a well focused work.

Choose a co-working space when you want everyone around you to motivate towards the progress over weeks. To use distractions to your power and brainstorm better when you see others around.

Choose to be home if you want to be alone and no distractions. Make sure you decorate your home well enough to make you not wanting to leave it.

Ofcourse, it's not necessarily applicable to everyone.

I'll leave you with a perpetual question to wonder,

Are we different due to our choices, or are our choices due to our differences?