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You can consult me about engineering (I specialise in AWS and other clouds/devops), startups, travel itineraries/how to plan and book a trip, treks in high altitude, adventure activities like scuba diving, skydiving, etc., visa rules and regulations for different countries, writing short stories and improve your communications in general.

Go ahead and schedule a 15 minutes call. We can extend based on requirements.

Why acsrujan? What does "c" stand for?

Here's what happened. When I first created email, I tried for srujan, asrujan, absrujan, acsrujan.. and guess what, ac was available and I took it. I made it my internet identity ever since. ;)

What do you do?

To earn money, I do engineering in software. I generally deal with infrastructure, service reliability, CI/CD, deployment pipelines, production debugging, disaster management, etc.

To spend money, I travel as much as I can. I do arts and play/host board games, write short stories. I get delved into adventures in the oceans and mountains.

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