The table heard me saying sorry when I spilled some snacks on it.

As the nose blow hard, and I sneezed and whispered Sorry I'm sick into my tissue. Aagh!

Sorry I'm late, as I valued their time more than mine. Huh!

Sorry I was occupied, despite my occupation is in my best self interest. Duh!

Sorry I couldn't hear you despite the lack of volume control in my ears, but obvious in their voice. Ahem!

Sorry to bother you, I said it with guilt despite it's their job. Eh?

Sorry to ask a silly question, as I've believed my inability to understand despite their inability to explain it well. Oops!

Sorry for the confusion, as I've realised despite my clear instructions they've failed to understand. Pff!

Sorry for the inconvenience, as I've blamed the circumstances out of my control. Ouch!

Sorry for the delay, while I've added time for my best interests.Bah!

The world wanted me to say sorry, and rewarded me with noramlised self-depreciation when I did.

Sorry for saying sorry, I'll not repeat myself. Uh-oh!