It is very special pleasure to have a dusk and dawn together, isn't it?

I feel so pleasant spending time here when I had worries. I always reach there before dusk, watching the bright turning dark. I look at the sea with those eyes filled with tears. I sit on this rock looking at twinkling stars and the smiling moon. The sand around me shines when the moon smiles and cries when the waves take her away, bit by bit, moment by moment.This night, the moon was shy. Stars were tired. I could feel the cool sea breeze and splashing water in the dark and the sand at a long distance shining a little. Constant wind blow made my smile flow. Oh, this night!

Dear death, I waited for you a long. Give me peaceful rest. Never worry about dawn, never worry about next, never worry about love,never worry about tears and smile,never worry about worries.

Life wasn't fruitful for me. Despite being orphan, I managed to earn my daily bread. Familiar with being hungry before tears. Lived so long hopeless for every next moment.

Many ways to live but why to live. The daily bread for the next moment is every minute,what is life for. A small hut on this shore,a few old clothes from and few breads to feed. I can't count all the stars, can't pint the sea water.What life is for?

Hope! A very dangerous thing that made me survive so far. But hope is helpless for the ship wrecked in heavy storm. In my life, hope got exhausted.

This world has no bread for me.There is drizzle while I'm dying, moon and stars crying. Ah, the damn hope! Bound to death too. I should die. I was lying down there looking at the dark sky with the hunger belly. Thunders roaring,storm is coming,stars are hidden,moon is lost to view. Seeing the dawn from a long distance,my eye lids felt the warmth of rain drop,my heart beat is no more felt.

The wind blew away leaving me and sea failed to take in.There was this elder couple crying wholeheartedly. There were the fisherman's eyes filled with tears.This pale dry face of the girl. All this made me "why did I die?!?"

Hope! Can you help me live for a moment, again? Just bring smiles there and take my life. Hope made me die but can't make me live. No worry except for life.

The dawn of the sun and dusk of my life were together but the next dusk of sun wouldn't be my dawn. Sometimes moon fades away, sometimes it's bright.The shadow isn't casted when it's very bright or very dark, it is only when it's faint. Life too!

By the way, Did I tell my name?
Helius, it is.