Behind her Blood

It was march 21st, '12 early morning before sunrise and I could hear Imperial March from distance. She woke up and answered the call..
"He..lloooo", in my drowsy voice.
"3 streets down your home.Right now."

_I damn hate this job when it kills my sleep. But, I love it when I work. I almost don't get time to brush and dress properly in the morning. Sometimes, it happens I don't brush for 1-2 days. This time too.

I came down stairs in few minutes adjusting my glasses on the way. It was a 5 minute ride. There, I could see a body with her throat pierced with a needle and the little blood spilled around her neck.

Her body was clean and the dress was very fine. I could still sense her perfume, Invictus. Ah, it's not used by females.It must have been sprayed it on her after getting the body here.Her left hand had the silver bracelet too much close to the elbow, quite abnormal. The body wasn't laid there with hands, it must have been thrown away from something but they ensured that the head is facing up. Her eyes were open while death and her face in shock! She was murdered when she was talking something and the needle was put in her from someone at her back. Examining body is really exciting, every time. We see everything as abnormal, every tiny detail.

There were few of her identity cards in her jacket, including her driving license. She must have been murdered at some other place where she drove to. And it was late in the night evident from her wet hair.
"What time did it rain last night?"
"3:20am, madam."
She had her phone in her low waist jeans' left pocket was wet and it is wiped off as I can see the water films on her screen. The phone had gps tracker so, we know where it was for the last few hours.

After investigating for 2 hours,
"Mark! Note the report, her name is Diane Adams. Worked as a reporter in California 3 years ago and was disappeared when she was threatened to death for some news report. After three years, she was called on a business deal here. She came Newyork by flight#737 as the message in her mobile says. She was killed in #81, Jane street at 3:42am. Waited until rain stopped and she was wrapped with polythene bag. They took the polythene off her body and left her here, sprayed perfume on her body and they left towards the left. The murderers are yet to be found out and ensure that the news don't get released until further investigation."

But a journalist even catches the shadows in the darkness. It was on NT and a video clearly showing me dictating report. "An exclusive video of Michelle solving the mysterious murder of Diane Adams," was breaking news.__                  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------_
_The clock struck 8:30am and I woke up from my lovely bed. Oh, I love sleeping!
As soon as I wake up daily, I can see the sunrise and the sea shine straight from my bed.Beach is the greatest thing in Florida. I'm out of bed and took a shot of Port wine. At my doorstep, a bottle with a note "You are amazing! Your bust bursts any man out of the box and drives him crazy. Thanks for the last night, it was great!"
I smiled reading and I really wonder I don't remember any minute of last night!

Going to my dining hall, put the sandwich for the toast and turned on television. As I am coming back with my sandwich, on TV they say "The past crime reporter Diane Adams is found to be dead this morning in Newyork. She was well known for her brave acts..."

What the fuck!! Are you kidding me?

I'm fuckin' alive here.._