Life is Dark, After all....

After an hour,
"Ya uncle, how are you?"
"She is in coma"
"That was a horrible accident. We are lucky that she is still alive. Hope that she awakes very soon."

Journeys are very special in my life, the best experiences. On the top of all, this journey where I met her!

"Hi. Do you know what's famous here?"

"Do you know where we are?"

And then we started conversation, a lengthy one.
The weird part of journeys is that we talk a lot but we don't care to get to know names. We might discuss personal lives too, without even knowing name.
After that lengthy talk,while I was unable to resist my sleep, she was reading one of my stories, ofcorse it was not-so-good.
When I woke up, she gave back that 3-4 pages with a loud laugh saying, "This is the worst story I've ever read :D"
Yes, she was pretty frank, "Well. No hard feelings. Welcome criticisms, they are much worth than compliments."
"Good bye. This is where I've to get down," I was least interested to talk to her anymore. Being childish. "Ok, bye. Hope I'll see you again. Keep writing :)"

I never thought we would meet again. I reread the story I've written. She changed the climax of the story with her own words and they were incredible. Last page had her contact details.

Slowly, we were quite a good friends. Used to talk once in a week, roughly. After 2-3 months of normal daily talking, when I asked about her parents, family,etc., I learned her bro died in his 10 n her mom passed away within the days after that. She was 7, then.

Later, her dad is all what she has got. He was a pretty cool doctor. He set her free. Do whatever she wants. Ignore studies if required. I don't know much of her childhood. But, after we met, she used to share almost everything.

In my 11th, 12th standards, we used to go on long trip whenever possible. She loves to lie on her car's bonnet and watch moon, sleep that way, infront of a farm land/shore. Never missed full moon nights on the sea shore, almost. She used to talk a lot about her personal life whenever we meet, all the way down while she drives. She used to teach me driving car and I used to teach her driving moped. Once in these days, she proposed me which I've ignored as it was too early. She taught me to be patient, to help, not to be selfish, having almost zero self respect, to have faith and made me whatever I'm today.

After 12th, I had an admission in Vnit, Nagpur. She had a good rank in JEE but not so good rank in Aieee enough to get in Vnit.So, she took a drop and would come as my junior in the same college. It was fine for the first three months. We talked a lot, met once in a while. But, good things are not forever.

One fine day, I called her up. She was excited as she was driving moped on the highway of Hyderabad for the first time in her life. I called up her dad as she is not good at it. He was, "I'm following her in car. Not to worry. Will call you back once we are home."

After 6-7 hours, he called me. I can understand the intensity of his voice and later on, learned that she is in coma state.

"That was a horrible accident. We are lucky that she is still alive. Hope that she awakes very soon." But his voice was very low when he told lucky to be alive. I couldn't see her in that state for long. I was sent back to college for my exams and there she was in coma state for about 20 days. Doctors were pretty sure she can't live but hopes are still on.

She was awake for 9 minutes on 27th Oct, talked to me on phone. Her last words were unforgettable. And after that 9 mins, she passed away. It took me more or less, 2 years to digest this.

Her last words, "Delete all my memories,pics,whatever. You have life ahead. Live it happily. Am no more gonna live. The reason why you are special to me is that you love people wholeheartedly. Be like that forever. Don't cry ever. I love you always. There'll be another me in your life. I'll not die even if I die. I know how much you love me. Take care of my dad. He has none now. And ya,please burn my dairies."
I couldn't speak a word, tears had the lead. She was incredible for me and for her dad.

But a dad's love can't be best said in words. He sued himself of depression within few days. I couldn't burn her dairies after reading them. They had a lot of impact on me. I couldn't resist going to few places alone just to have her memories and cry alone.

Life was tougher those days.I felt her absence more than anyone's presence around me. I didn't drive anything in those two years, stupidity.It was after two years, I am almost completely recovered and moved on.

But, even today, I go to beach alone whenever possible and spend nights there. It's life, I've to move on. Memories do follow but shadow also disappears in darkness. And life is dark, after all.