A walk with self

Every other morning I wake up, I kill myself a bit for a few earnings. Be it dreaming what others told to dream of, be it making a visual of else's dream, it always tends to kill myself a bit. I kept on wondering what do I dream if none told me what to dream. Looking out for an answer, I boarded the next train.

Expecting to reach city of Hogwarts, I had started my journey. A mystic fort refreshing air from a shallow canyon, made me stop and take a breath. They call it Gandikota fort, a village which is content in itself. They've a temple, mosque and church. They drink same water from river Pennar and live in harmony. A day there and I forgot my name when someone came asking. After all, I didn't name myself.

Having a sleep in the fresh air, I woke up in the misty Bangalore. After a few hours in the city of green, I made my next step in the cleanest city I've ever been. Mysore, made me feel as if I'm in a previous century. The lost art in daily life, came up dazzling in my eyes here. I made a wish in the palace, to take me to Scotland.

The wish took a whoosh and I ended up in the Scotland of India, famously known as Coorg.

While I've reached on a night, when the forests are lit with twinkling stars, a strange sound of water was splashing in my ears.

Walking up a few km to the sound at 2:00am, in the dark forests where moon-light playing hide and seek, I was closer to answers. Couldn't hear a human breathing, sitting alone on a branch with a torch looking for the hosts, I had a nap.

Dawn, finally, made the sun reach out my face. I was shining bright, right there. Opening eyes to a world where the magic of darkness is lost in the melancholy of deep green woods, I've lost my identity. I was there, alone leaving none to judge my next step.

Seeing world for once, with my own eyes.Flowing along a trail of water, I could hear wind flowing heavy. Moving closer, I hear humans cheering. 7am, from the lush of green, I reached Abby Falls. Looking down, walking down to people capturing moments in their artificial lens. There says a board, "Dangerous! Do not trek. It's a punishable offense." Oops! Coorg, however, is a place of spices. Walking back from Abby falls on the curved roads for a while, I've reached Madikeri again. A young guy in his 50s, was ready to take me as a host, to my fortune. The coffee blended with beans, a hot chocolate out of fresh cocoa, I wish that's poison and that's the last I taste ever. After spending a few hours with the stories of his life, made me feel I'm just born. It was true indeed. I was just born, starting to live.While I never wanted to leave these beautiful woods, Arabian sea was calling me for it's breeze. Taking a bus, journey to Kundapura, a small town decorated with nature undisturbed. Here's the solution I found. Waking up along with sun, I took a vehicle to reach Toodalli falls.

Rickshaw driver dropped me 7 km away, showed me a waterfall in the middle of two high mountains. Walking till there, about 2 km into forest, I've reached Toodalli falls. No sign of human around.

The fall was coming down in 6 steps. Signing along with water, descending down the rocks carefully, I've reached a point with no path ahead. Scrambled woods ahead. Walking in the scrambled woods towards the sound of a heavy waterfall, certainly different from previous one, I've reached Kudumari falls. This is where I found the solution, solitude. This is what I dream of, in the deepest of my thoughts. A waterfall coming down from 300 feet sprinkling on my face, welcoming to it's home town. A fall covered under trees that even Sun struggles to evaporate water from. This is where I lost myself, completely. Made a room in my brain, storing this sights permanently. In the deception of happiness, walking further, I came to a point where there's nothing in sight ahead. Sea breeze with fresh air from forests, taking a step ahead would've given me a dive into Arabian Sea. Walking along the waves from a height, down from the forest, I've reached Maravanthe beach. National Highway between Arabian and Suparnika is where I'm back to being my past self. Highway took me to Mangalore along a few shores and beautiful Manipal. Took a train from Mangalore to Goa, to see the sea of milk. Walking along the railway track and a few jumps in the woods, I've reached the foot of Dudhsagar. Back to Mumbai, from here, in the hope of living life differently. Waking up to the eternal sunshine, I started back to being me. Back to life of others' dreams, living how people want me to live.I certainly would live myself, dying and being born again. Travel, solitude is all about taking a break from How others want me to live to have a few moments figuring out How I might want to live. Walking into solitude is serendipity to self.