The Exit

They were not 4 years of life, it was life of four years. Infinite memories, I wish I could sum them up all in a few words. There was never a feel of attachment with these people, neither gave a thought about life without them. I never felt so lost in them but I realized it when each person walked out of that inglorious gate or when each person stepped into the train. Those last few moments of everyone's departure to their sweet homes are invaluable. The luggage being carried out by all of them is still less than the heavy weighted feelings filled in one's heart. Never thought one'd cry for someone who is just walking away for his/her own bright future but the tears meant a lot different. A walk through out the campus once was a long one, counting how much distance yet to walk at every step. But now, a small walk in any part of the campus is making the steps heavier than ever, distance longer than ever. Foot moved forward but I was being pulled backward by memorable moments. Every bush inside the green campus is a witness of our happiness and worries! We played treasure hunt inside that world, many a times. But we never knew every place of this campus have a hidden treasure unlocked during exit.The sign boards and maps used in our first year to walk around the campus is now a memory of our first entry to final exit. The lawns of each department were lands of grass once, but now they are a parchment of memorable transition from first dept gathering to the final farewell. The department classrooms were once prohibited places but now those same benches reminds of all the classroom fun, mass bunks, proxies, message tones and songs played while class was going on, Whatsapp group chats, scolding someone who asks doubts, those perverted talks about teachers and a lot of snapshots are just enclosed in the four walls.The room is never empty, it just had packed up lot of memories than a human eye can see.

I can't picturize those days in words, when trees are hidden in fog and we jump high and run inside the ground until sun can see all our efforts. Those trumpets are the best ever, they just don't give out music but they do tell our experiences. The slogans shouted those days are in my ears forever and the enthusiasm is deep in the nerves. When I step out of the college for one last time, the nerves felt the pain of farewell but the marvellous days are always flowing in my blood. Those days in four years have a very few snapshots of meeting a lot of people but they do have a lot, of the bondage shared with people. Those were never for the winning, but they were really successful enough to make our blood flow with moments.
Pachamarhi woods certainly have a lot of stories to tell and the waterfalls there have our enjoyment flowing forever. Every tree there has a vision of our friendship. They know better than myself about how attached I'm to those people. I'd certainly visit there one day, collect their stories but yet I'd be incomplete, forever. The falls there have a record of our fun and they keep them lively, always. The roads leading there would never be ruined, having a layer of our journey moments.

Barbecue has a special dish for us, melted with long lasting celebrations and the everlasting fun moments. Sher-e-Punjab certainly know us better.The bottles there have some great stories inside them, which we hardly remember. Rides in the middle of the night were always adventurous. Terrace has been flowing our memorable nights' essence much heavier than air. The hostel block has locked a lot of unfold mysteries and the lot of stories never told to wardens. May it be the louder music played in the rooms or the night out before exam, those four walls of any room have our personal lives absorbed deep inside them.Those DC++ main chats were stupid stuff once but now, a lot of memories connected with Nudge!Β Never thought a day would come I'd feel too heavy clearing my room. Every piece of paper right from choices filled during admission to the final semester registration, going into dustbin leaving out the instances of life before my eyes.

Goa beaches have our lives inscribed deep inside that magic sand, those waves always keep on singing our joyful days. The stories deeply buried there have a lot of content than the water flowing in that Arabian sea. The friendship bonded on those shores is strong enough to face any storm. All the way down the coastline, the moments were encapsulated by those beaches. Those bike rides were then just to go ahead but now, are the memories to ride further.

The never empty Nescafe chairs are now filled with the coffee cups of great days. The canteen benches learnt the Mafia game. The Auditorium always plays all the songs from our admission days, freshers, ragging,numerous cult nights and Adios Amigos..aah, that mushroom in our freshers is still infront of my eyes. A night walk throughout the campus reminds us of our first year class rooms, chilled water in meta dept, our first to last funky rallies. SAC never fails to make us remember those sleepless festival nights and must be added,those numerous dogs always have their part in our lives.
The same campus, the same environment was really nothing when I entered there but now, it has a lot more than expressed in words when I exit. The same air had the different fragrance while I exit and the same green trees looked different. The moments were packed inside, memories are packed in my heart.
Mafia chits are still in my pocket, notes' xerox are still in my cupboard, empty bottles still lie in my dustbin but above all, the memories are forever buried deep.

Minutes tickle, moments speak but memories last forever.