Ni-cot-ene withdrawls!

"Class ke baad mafia?" on whatsapp at 11:55am. And then we sat there till 3:00pm, shifted to canteen because some douchebag is taking class in UG-I.

"Proxy maarna.. hum 6 logo ka.." in another group at 11:30am and my reply "arre, mein room pe hi hu.." and a long laughter session. Then lately realized that one guy went to class but didn't proxy, "Saale! bc! class gaya kyu tha tu proxy nahi maara toh?"

"Dominoes anyone?" at 2:00pm. "Pehle bolne ko nahi hota kya! Abhi mess se baahar aaya!!" and some guys,"Mein already mess mein kha chuka hu.. so, maximum ek hi medium pizza khaunga."

"Abe kal class ke liye uthana mujhe. Attendance bahut kam hai." and next day 9:00am, "Bc! Itne subah uth ke class gaye aur attendance nahi liya!", "Breakfast toh mili kam se kam :D"

"Abe..padhai karo re..kuch aata nahi kal ke liye.." Everyone studies continuously for 10 minutes and suddenly someone laughs out of nowhere. Everyone laughs and none knows reason. After an hour, "Apan has kyu rhe the?" "Kyun ki abhi exam hai aur apne ko kuch nahi aata!" Laughter session again.

After exam, "Bc! kya kya poochti hai be woh randi? Kaha kaha se questions dete hai!", "Mujhe pakka Zero milne waale hai", "Itne padhke bhi kuch ukhaad nahi paaye. Ab agla exam ke liye padhne ka mann hi nahi kar rha h."

In the middle of the night, phone rings and "Abe sun na. Ek min mere room pe aana..paise leke aa..Chandu jaate hai idhar se.",
"Arey, mein adhe ghanta sota hu.. utha de na fir baad mein.. pakka utha dena, warna mein fail ho jaaunga."
"Bc! Net nahi chal rha hai kya?"

"Gpl in first floor...jaldi aao..", "warden alert!"

All these conversations were once a part of life and now, a part of memories. Those conversations didn't seem any important back then. Those days never gave a clue that one day, we'll spend days with these memories alone. Those nights never gave a sign that one night at 12:00am on the birthday of your close friend, makes a picture of his ass in your mind before his face! They were all being dark blue and we missed them to see in darkness. Today, the light focussed on the canvas.

Days pass by, but round the clock, there is a slideshow of snapshots running around. From the morning breakfast which we rarely had it to the late night snacks which we always had, from the lunch so early at 2:30pm in dominoes to the dinner at the nearest dhaba, we've the snapshots running in our daily routine. When I go for brushing early at 8:00am, my mobile says that time is 2:00pm and I can hear someone shouting from behind "Abe jaldi kar. Bhook lag rahi h." When I enter a cafe, I can hear multiple voices from outside "Ek coffee laa na mere liye.."

At 2:00am, we all gathered in a room and the speakers were turned on. Pink Floyd songs take us to parallel universe but that's not the magic, the real magic is we all are together even in that parallel world. Sometimes, the dance in old bollywood songs also seem interesting enough that people try those crazy steps. And the people who never liked Honey Singh also tuned to Baby doll multiple times. Did I forgot "Eye to eye"?!?

And then there is a note on the road, "This sign stays forever. It's you who pass away. Hope you enjoyed the stay here." I just wish we can go back and live once again just make the grass greener once again.

However bright our life after crossing the board is, or how much is it in shambles..just close your eyes and have memories running in your mind, the life just refreshes and you're out of that universe a few moments ago.

"Nicotene withdrawl chal raha hai..!!", the phrase has more meaning now.