I’ll love you, later!


Your presence brightens my inability to silence my smile, mute the glow on my face, locks my eyelashes.

Your absence brings the undeniable gloom, disparaged eyebrows, and the smile takes rest.

My love to you is evident, and my expressions aren’t hidden in their burrows. While I want to love you for the rest of my life, my life isn’t ready to accept love yet. We could make muffled promises, brighten our nights, slide through our souls.

I want to love you, but later. May be a lifetime later, when I acknowledge the desire to be loved, and your presence in my life is the decree I must accept.
However, I wish the lifespan of my inability to love you insures my ability to live without you. My resistance to better life keeps me occupied with your absence.

I wish to love you and be able to express it some day, beyond our lifespans.

- Yours truly.