The souls apart

Stories πŸ“œ Jun 13, 2016

She: Sky looks beautiful, today? Don't you think?
He: Amidst of all those stars, you see my reflection.
She: They say, all dead men become a star! Which one are
you from that cluster?
He: The one, which shines with my reflection.
She: Why do you shine so dull? Do you wear an evil eye?
He: An evil heart was left away, evil eye turned godly.
She: That's a lie.
He: The dead never lies.
She: But a liar died!
He: A liar died means he no more lies.
She: But, his deeds will make He pay!
He: The death was the payment.
She: Peaceful death is an escape. The suffering you encounter before you die, is the payment.
He: Deeds make you suffer. Suffer pays death.
She: There is no rest. This is all a big mess.
He: To die is to rest. You're alive, in this mess.
She: Who knows. Who has seen!
He: Look at that star again, you shall see me at peace.
She: Were you that shooting star? Coming to life?
He: Glowing brighter, casting out a long shadow? Yes.
She: Like a sprout from the seed. Full of life, a new chance to breathe, right?
He: All I wish is to not have lost my evil heart and live with my godly eye.
She: Regret no more. Restart a new day, following a new ray of hope, love and live.
He: I emit rays of hope, love and life...I'm a dead star coming back to life.
She: Fly. Fly so high. That the birds be jealous of your flight.
He: My shadow is jealous of my brightness.
She: Let everything be envious. You should still rise and shine.
He: And let envious too, shine.
She: The dead will rise and the history will change. Chapters will be re-written. Stories are ought to echo. When the Universe spin.
He: The risen dead may not be the same as they were, though. Re-written history can be of their own evil.
She: This will be a start of a new era. The start of a new phase. It's time to let go of the evil and bring peace.
He: Let go of the evil and bring peace, shall bring new evil too. A new era has new evil, pure peace shall never exist.
She: Rivers will splash, giving birth to a city brand new. Let there be no evil, by the old Gods and the new.
He: The Gods make no evil... The evil makes new Gods.
She: Oh! Old Lord, I plead for your mercy. Save your children, all the humans. The old Gods will kill the evil. Burning them down to ashes, washing them into the Sea and closing this chapter, to stop the spree.
He: The old Gods killed the evil... Losing them to the Sea... The new Gods are rising, from the deepest of the oceans!
She: End the evil.
The evil has got a chance to straight their past. Name them after the Gods. They now are humble to all.
He: And the old Gods turn evil to them. History re-writes itself, new gods shall wash away the old gods. Oh, we're in such an endless loop.
She: The old gods, were turned into gold. Now they hang comfortably as lockets, touching the heart, closer to you.
He: And that's the human heart I left away before I die
She: But, that's how now you survive.
He: So, I still carry the evil heart... in the comfort zone of old Gods
She: The old gods shall pardon you, my child. You're no more evil, just a man.
He: But, the new gods.. they can't accept pardons of old gods.
She: The old joins hands with the new. You're away from the evil.
He: Hi, who're you?
She: I'm young at heart, old at the soul. Breathing in this air and transcended to a whole new globe.
He: Oh, nice to meet you. I'm old at heart, young at the soul. Revamping the world, keeping it fresh for younger souls, like you.
She: I'm drunk at the idea of this tour.
He: More wine, her majesty?
She: Don't ask, just pour. Keep the glass filled, ask no more.
He: There you go, sparkling wine from the milky way.
She: I'm tripping, losing the grip. Let me fly. Let me flow.
He: You're flying, majesty... Flowing through the currents of light, flying high.
That the birds are jealous of your flight.
She: Cutting through those comfy clouds, I make my flight. Tonight I'll build my home in some different corner of the sky. I'm free like a bird, all I have to do is open my arms and try to fly.
He: You're free like a bird till you reach the galaxy. You shall find serendipity there. Where I stayed, for a while.
She: I will there give rest to my wings and swing in the wheels of the different galaxies. I'll dance and jump on the stars, running through them, charging them to glow brighter and brighter, with all my heart.
He: You shall be cradled in the love of stars, showering happiness on your life... you shall be living, happily after death.
She: No. Take me away from the peril, somewhere safe, out of the space. As I crave to be loved. I want to live and not die. I am leaving this evil world - GOODBYE.
He: Space is the safest, honey. Death is a new peace. Evil is the living.
She: Death is just an end. Peace will only touch the living.
He: Death is nothing but new life. You're all alive after life.
She: The thought suffocates me. Don't kill me, while I'm still alive. I will breathe and live my life like it's my last day to survive.
He: Last day to survive, isn't that threatening? Breathing ones fear the death. But it's beautiful up here, a completely different land.
it's just yet another form of life.
She: Earth is the new hell. But, I just don't want people to survive and force them to breathe. I want them to live and set them free.
He: You set them free, by burning them to ashes, and washing away to Oceans...
She: Earth will dry and die. Everything will fall apart, history will be lost. Evil will win and ghosts will rule, human will be only seen in museums of cruel.
The land beneath will drink away all the water from the Sea. Animals will suffer and will die of thirst. Save them my friend. Stop the merciless slaughter.
He: Ghosts are no evil.
We're just the others. we don't eat, we don't breathe... we don't drink... we let living to live happily, while we swim in the blackest eyes of galaxies...
She: I will pull up the light and burn the evil down. As there is power in humanity. Good shall take over the evil and the world shall survive to play a new round.
He: Burn the evil down, kills all the human... Good shall never bother to take over the evil. They let the world live alone.
She: Evil will have to go. That's the only the way to survive. Plants will bloom over their ashes and rivers will flow with joy. Air will fill your heart, making you dance underneath the sky full of stars. Humans will once again smile, shedding tears and holding a happy heart.
He: Ghosts are new humans... Galaxy is the new Earth... Stars are the new plants, light is the new river.
She: Light will pass through you, all right? It will cut you to pieces. You'll shatter down, you can't survive in this new galaxy made of ice.
He: You shall be strong, up here, after death. Light shall not cut you down, it will pass through you like air.
She: Air is so sharp that, It will create invisible holes. Pricking through me, freezing my bones... Lost in vain, dropped to dust.
He: Your bones shall not freeze, you shall rise from dust. You never get lost in vain...That's how it is, to live among those beautiful stars...
She: So the Earth that took care of you for so long, will just be a faded memory?
He: All good memories expire... and the Earth that once took care shall now host new Gods.
She: I choose to stay. The Earth that gave me so much, I can't betray & walk away. I shall either protect my people or die in the same fate.
He: It's not betrayal.
She: The land that I grew up on, I can't abandon!
He: Destiny calls.

The souls took their paths, meeting destinies.
Riddhi makes it alive, while I chose the dead.


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