The low tides of high hopes

The low tides of high hopes

The sand washed deep away engrossed every while,
The wind howling high away embraced with a wail,
The clouds moving far away endorsed with a will,
I was sitting on a high rock taking a puff of smoke of a dried leaf..

The sun was going out of sight, taking away the long shadow
The mirages at a distance, were slowly disappearing
The dead tree over the left, no more of giving a shade
And the fire tips of the dried leaf were carried far away by the heavy wind..

When the darkness was all over,
When the birds were flying away in flocks,
When the lash green trees were struggling hard to stand straight,
When the fog was filling all over,
I was standing at the tip of the hill looking down to the dark sea..

About to take a leap,
Couldn't withstand any more troubles in this life,
About to take a sleep forever,
Taking rest in peace in all instances,
About to die lively,
Leaving the deadly life behind and taking the lively death ahead..

The wind was calm,
The rumbling sound no more echoed,
The trees were firm,
The stars were bright and the moon enlightened,
I look down to the sea again, it was bright and calm at a distance...

The tides at a distance looked high, and they were calm and slow as they move..
They were low when it was shallow but when it was deep, they were high..

I took a second look at the sea tides...
They were high when deeper, low when shallow..
Moon was reflecting in those low waters,
Sand was magically retreating in the sea water..
Those low tides gave me high hopes and then..

I chose the deadly life over the lively death
Going deeper to the life, with the hope of making it lively life.

P.S.: First published on August 27, 2014 at 11:40 PM on my Facebook.