Small talk on modern love

She: It's love that we lack. No matter how well we do, unless we don't have someone to love and get loved back. This feeling shall persist.

Me: Yeah.. we all need someone..who awaits your call, excited for little things, surprises you, who takes your joy in your success, sheds a tear for your loss, hair strokes, a simple hug when it's most needed, a shoulder to lay head upon, and someone who'd love to spend time with you..

She: But it's sad how we have tamed ourselves for flings and temporary affection. We have reached to a point where we don't sustain with anything for long term. If we do the other won't and vice versa.

Me: We can't sustain with anything for long term but something that changes every day yet wears the same face, we all could..

Me: Humans change, their behaviour and their character, their thoughts..but they wear same face..

She: That's the saddest part

Me: so, we don't have to sustain with same character, rather learn to sustain with changes.

She: Adapt with the changes? For that you really have to be in love with someone. You would really need to be strong headed that this is the person is the one you envision your life with.

Me: Exactly.. if we're not envisioning, we're back to fling or temporary affection

She: But the question is whom to envision that life with? What if the person isn't the right person? Maybe, you're yet to meet the love of your life? The right one will walk in breaking all barriers at the right time, right?

Me: May be, but the love of your life ain't gonna ask you out or express it as he doesn't want to lose you as a friend if worst..and that's a barrier lot of us find difficult to cross.
And right time, is never..or now.. or it's always.

She: The hard part is to understand, if you're in love at all.

Me: We've been tainted to attract but never feel the warmth of love.

She: I guess, I'm infected by the same plague the world indeed is.

Me: And in our quest to explore ourselves deeper and wonder what we desire, we've lost a piece of soul and meat from within.. with all those solo trips

She: I know, solo trips has made me comfortable with myself and with being alone (not that I don't crave for a companion) but you know that you can do without one.

Me: Exactly, creating a void we tend to fill it all by ourselves

She: Looking for a solution, don't know what that is..

She: If there's no one in my life, then I want someone.
If I have someone, I want to take it slow.
When I take it slow, then I get insecure.
When I take it seriously, I am scared of getting trapped.
And when I'm left on a loose and free, I run away.

Me: There's a space between taking slow and getting insecure.. that's the space you'd want to spend your rest of the life in.

She: I guess, when you feel comfortable with the thought of not being trapped is when you're ready to take a plunge. Our fault is that we don't give ourselves a chance to get comfortable with someone's presence with the fear of being disappointed and feeling hurt.

Me: Indeed, and we can't feel trapped because we know we can escape.. We're eventually afraid of running away and being on our own.. disappointment and being hurt, are few elements on the way..

Me: we're afraid to come where we are.

She: How to stop ourselves from running away?

Me: Adapt to changes

She: Aren't we talking in loops?

Me: We're living in loops,

She: Yeah and we'll be like sigh to all of that happening and we will move on

She: Living the same way we're.

Me: And wishing someone to pay for doing nothing :P

She: Hahaha!