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Stories πŸ“œ Apr 19, 2019

I was against the idea of photography for quite a few years. I was a firm believer in

live in the moment, not capture them for memories.

When I saw a tiger in a jungle for the first time, my instinct wasn't to take out a camera. Few others around tried it, the tiger went away into the wilderness. Tigers don't wait, after all.

When I saw a beautiful waterfall, instincts weren't to make memories to hang up in my bedroom. They were to get myself wet and swim hopelessly.

When I unpack my stinky bag back from travelling, it has memories attached. Every piece of cloth has a new identity, had a unique experience, had a story to tell.

The clothes are washed away, and the tales are hidden deep inside me. I don't write travelogues because my words are never enough. I've tried, never made it.

I had to recall recently of relatively old travel experience. It faded with time. Experiences faded with time. Do photos do justice? I'll know a few years later.

I started clicking pictures 3 years ago. While revisiting all of them, there are a few pictures I recall an experience from. Clothes have been washed away several experiences, drained several moments and overwhelmed with pressure. Yes, I know I need to buy clothes.

Shutter story is an attempt to tell these tales to my future self. I'm writing photos into a memory lane, for myself. They're cluttered, unorganised, scattered across. They'll one day come back to talk. I'll be there to listen and translate it to you all.

Now I firmly believe in living in the moment and at the same time,

Live a life to tell tales to yourself.

Memory lane is here:


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