Alone in the misty woods, the river flow being echoed, he stood on the cliff watching the distant stars fade away in brightness. The golden line on the sky made itself vivid, cleared all the clouds. Sun rose up laughing at him, he stood staring at. Ahead of him, is a lush green deep valley. His eyes were focussed. After a deep breath, smiled back at sun, he took a leap into the deep valley.

He took a leap from life to death, bright to dark, anxiety to serenity.

Curiosity led him believe lie. Ego let him go. He was lonely. He was seen in every event held, cheering up the party. He adds life to people. He has the art.

The art consumed him. He lost a bit of himself, each time he added life to people. Fancied by the fame, lost himself in making others laugh.

Desire gets older with time. Time has to take a break, for desire to be alive.

"Time never drives your life, you drive the time," his shadow whispered.

When the time fell asleep, his shadow took a leap. Swimming in the clouds and dancing in the stars, his life sprung.

Amidst the dense woods and high peaks, the cloud made a sound. A beautiful music, that stays forever alive. Unlike his party atmosphere, he lost himself in a pleasant surprise.

He always believed death is just a counterpart of life. The shadow he left behind, to answer if his beliefs are true, vanished with his vanity.