I love you, forever.

Just like any other day, they met in their jogging lane. Sitting on a bench facing the endless sea, she asked, "Do you believe in life after death?"
"I never think of death."
"Heaven and hell, a life after earth. And that's where people who loved me are. Are there someone loving us unconditionally, in other worlds? Like mom and dad here?"
He looked into her eyes, calm and steady.
Half filled eyes with tears, she continued, "I have people loving me, in both hell and heaven."
"Dear, you've loving people on this earth too. One is sitting right next to you."
She looked at him with a faint smile, "Do you love me? Will you love me forever?"
He nodded in agreement, but deeply thinking what her words meant. Never in their past 5 months did she ask such a question.

Unable to sleep, he was recalling all the time spent with her. Julia was alone since 12, early to be alone in this world. While he was wondering about the unfortunate incidents in her life, a part of his mind was acting on her last question. He was questioning himself, "Will I love her, forever?"

Suddenly his phone rang. In a soft and low voice, she said, "Do you believe in reincarnation?"
"Erm.. Yes. Sugar, weren't you asleep?", surprised looking at 3:00am.
"One day, we'll sleep forever on earth. Why now!"
Her voice trembled him more than her words. "Dear, it's too late. Sleep, we'll talk tomorrow."

Williams was ready to meet her for the evening jog, but his mind was conceived with what kind of questions he might face today. Surprisingly she came happily, as if nothing has happened. They spent a few hours, having some good time. They always had good time, laughing their hearts off and sharing happiness.

Finally, he asked, "What do you think, when you're alone at home? Last night, your call almost made me sweat!"
"I called you last night? Honey, I forgot my phone in the car yesterday!"
This made him shiver. Was he dreaming last night? Are his psychiatric hallucination problems hitting him again?
He immediately asked, "smoke?", to clear it off her mind. Sharing the cigarette and talking about various stuff, when the butt arrived, she asked, "Do you love your mom, truly?"
She was still smiling and walked to her car. He was startled.

He questions himself, "Does she love me truly?"

Looking at the clock and his mobile expecting it to ring, he rose up and kept staring at his mobile, for more than 2 hours, just staring. Next day, he skipped their regular meeting to make preparations for her birthday night. After all, he loves her, and only he loves her.

Ensuring everything was perfectly arranged, he woke her up, when the clock struck 12. Called her out of her home, 10 yards away was his splendid arrangement with numerous candles and a table in the middle. Adjacent to the sea, on the beach, they sat at the table, either sides. A bottle of port wine, served equally in the glasses by him. The cake was placed, in the middle, with 20 candles. He placed the 21st when she blew all of them, ensuring her life is never dark. She was obliged with the pleasure. With almost tears in her eyes, leaned forward to kiss him. After a moment of sharing love with the lips, they settled on beach. She was leaning in his lap, and he was brushing her hair with his fingers. She softly asked, again, "Do you love me, forever?" He answered in a low voice kissing her right cheek, "Yes, darling."

She smiled and asked, "why do you take care of your body so much? You jog and exercise regularly".
He just nodded and smiled at her childish thought.
He slowly asked her, "What would you want, as a gift from me?"
"Your love, forever."
She rose up, went to the table to have one sip of wine followed by him. She cut one more piece of cake, put in his mouth. Moved on to kiss him. They were kissing deep, she rose her right hand, slit his throat with the knife."Don't worry, dear. Your body will be buried 6 yards from here. You can use it whenever you come back."
In his last breath, all of her questions made sense. She wants him to meet his mother. She wants him to be in hell or heaven awaiting for her to come there. Reincarnation, if she is living on earth for too long. And loving her forever, whether it's earth, hell or heaven!
She buried him in her backyard, marked '21'. As she walked away, the tombstone of her mother, marked '7' was shining in the moon light, she told to herself, "I'll come to you soon, mom."