Flying to the sun

Dracula by Bram Stoker, 488 pages. Time taken: 12 hours. Age: 11 years

I didn't intend to complete it, at all. Judging by the size and vocabulary of the book, it was not my cup of tea for sure. I was in the train next to Jonathan Harker, for the very first time in the places I was completely unaware of. I was right behind him, while he opened the wardrobe. I was with Mina a few hours later, when Dracula was feeding her with his own blood. It was horrifying.

A few days later, I went to Mississippi river. Met this young boy called Tom Sawyer. I was with him when he white washed..err..pretended to white wash the fence on a Saturday morning and I was almost in his head when he saw Becky. She was undeniably beautiful! I was with Huck when Tom and Becky went away from the Cave. I was with Huck and Tom when they tirelessly search for the treasure, the gold was definitely worth our search.

A few months later, I had my ears waxed while I was tempted to hear the songs of Siren. I saw Odyssey tied to the mast, successfully bearing the sweet songs. I was in the lead of sailors who were bound to tie him however hard he plead. I was there when he was perished away, I was there when Sirens turned white.

A few eras later, I was waiting clueless for the midnight express. I saw the boy getting surprised looking at me as I was, looking at him. Mortimer managed to escape it quickly. He caught the train, I was caught there in the middle of strange events that followed.

On a full moon night followed a few days later, I was excited to meet Poirot on the Orient Express. His wits always amazed me. By the end of journey, I almost reached 221 B Baker street, to meet the most notably popular detective. I was there, along with Dr.Watson when they examine Dr.Mortimer's walking stick with an eagle's eye. I was alongside him, when Stapleton is making extra ordinary efforts.

In a few ages past, I've been with Bilbo Baggins in his adventure with Dwarves and also lucky enough than Gandalf, who could be with Frodo as well. It was great to see Rivendell with naked eyes. It was great to meet the disgusting figure Gollum!

And, I've met her. The lady in her thirties who's unhappy with her great life and felt solitude with her loving husband. This lady, with an amazing character that she pierces her boyfriend's dog just because it shares his love with her. I was really astonished by her character and suddenly realized what world I'm in. It was every person's thoughts streamlined, in their 30s when life is amazingly perfect. I was 30!

I've travelled a few incarnations earlier in the next few days, I'm in Greek fighting as an army men with Oedipus. I know he's about to marry his mother, but I closely maintain myself as a spectator. I wasn't readily showing my enthusiasm about his next move, but really enjoyed every moment. I do continue to enjoy this, forever. Hopefully, meeting Helios would make it splendid.

Suddenly, a friend introduces a stranger to me, "Hey, meet Susanna."
"Hi, I'm..." and I lost myself somewhere.