I'm 27 years old. I've counted the years, from my date of birth till today.. we all do this every year despite being fully aware of our age, don't we?

As if we question ourselves, did we live these many days?!?

When I retrospect events of every year, it amuses me my to-do list is still at large in the pending state. Every year, I meet new and amazing folks, try to keep in touch with as many as I can.

Everyone around us is a constant change we're not ready to see.

I started off my new age with a simple backpack trip to Nepal and Sandakphu trail with Tour De outdoors. The people I met in this timeline might have been the best people I'd ever want to go on a trek with.

The visuals of several tallest mountains made me aim for "things to do this year." A Basic Mountaineering Course, Everest Base Camp, backpack to borderlands of North East India get highlighted. The unfortunate events over the year sucked me right into them, with almost zero vacations over the year.

It started with my capitalistic responsibilities, hopes diminished by a mosquito bite leading to a hospital bed for a fortnight. The plans cancelled themselves and the time didn't wait. The magic came to heal, a persona of a dream.

We had our first date on May the 4th, breakfasts tasted better each day after that. Evenings were lit each day, sunrises were meaningful every other morning. It had been quite a journey I wish to always be on, let the time pause a moment and let me live in every moment from the past while enduring the ones I see now.

In a couple of months, we were at Deoria Tal, letting the mountain air hit us pleasant and make us blush for the moment we're in. The splendid views of the mountains let me add happiness in the aurora around us.

In a handful days and countless moments span, I'm here ageing ahead and being younger.

I'm now in terms with the ever-growing listicles. The hope of what lies ahead makes me breathe.

I'm now never afraid the list goes empty one day.

To see where I'm at 27, I skimmed through /oh-shit-i-m-26-now/, and maybe I never want to be back there.

Forward and ahead, a new age!

from Sandakphu: https://acsrujan.smugmug.com/Sandakphu-1
From Deoria Tal: https://acsrujan.smugmug.com/Deoria-Tal
From Nepal: https://acsrujan.smugmug.com/Nepal/