A thousand and ten

A thousand and ten

It's Monsoon. A thousand ants marched in all corners of the house with a distinct purpose. It is beyond our ability to grasp their goals, and our diplomacy talks failed. The troops started in a kitchen corner, sprawled to the bedroom. They relentlessly marched across the house and built tents at strategic locations. We destroyed their campsites multiple times. Lockdown forced us to revise our retaliation strategy and use limited weapons.

All the tenants had our final meeting, where we came up 3 phases. Phase-1 was our initial retaliation, disturbing their campsites and guarding them. But the tenants couldn't defend against a thousand soldiers.

We've launched Phase-2, where we cornered their army to specific places while we revised our strategy. Our successful cornering happened with traps and bait with sugar cubes.

Phase-2 gave us significant time to focus on our phase-3 execution. Our intel suggested a new chemical weapon called turmeric, and luckily we had it stocked up for cooking. In a unanimous decision, tenants agreed to use all resources for our defence.

We've launched phase-3 by spilling turmeric on sugar cubes. To our surprise, the army of ants scattered away from sugar cubes. But they didn't die! And their army moved campsites to more locations. They attacked a tenant so bad that he had to take a bath immediately. Our intelligence unit was doing experiments. We've considered a mosquito repeller could be a more efficient chemical weapon here.
Part of our army carefully sourced the needed chemicals.

Meantime, some of us learnt that their army repels talcum. The old Ponds box from our dressing table reincarnated.

We rained an old talcum powder across all their campsites. After a few minutes of rain, we found a few ants dying and did a small storm of mosquito repeller.
After a few minutes of war that lasted with heavy weapon action from both ends, we successfully killed all thousand ants. They shall come again, and we are ready!