30 plus plus

30 plus plus
As the sunsets on the journey ahead, the sky decorates time with lights.

Ever seen a magician bending a spoon with the sheer power of their mind?

I must've been 13 when I first witnessed it, trying my hand at bending a few aluminium spoons. Years later, I stumbled upon Gallium – akin to Aluminium, effortlessly melting to the touch of warmth.

I've spent a decade of 20s to unlearn a few lessons of my early teens. As I enter my 31st year, I grasp the inherent rigidity of aluminium.

On this day a year ago, the remainder of my life commenced. They say making new friends in the third decade is challenging. I'm pleased I didn't yield.

In the span of a year, I've encountered 80+ new individuals, cultivating over 20 friendships. Perhaps not all would lay down their lives for me, but I'm certain I've found few great folks to be around.

I became gallium, embracing adventures of unprecedented heights and profound depths.

A small walk to my last one year unveils a lot...

A trek to Everest Base Camp, intertwined with the grandeur of tallest mountains.

The Annapurna ranges seen from a free fall out of helicopter, are a sight to behold for life.

When journey to the nomadic life of Krygzystan ended, I've lost myself among the frozen maze of Kazakhstan.

Wrapped clouds of Meghalaya as a blanket, I slept in the fresh waters. Amidst the deep jungles of Nagaland, I savored their rich culture.

Landcruised through Ladakh, echoing historic tales from the highest pristine lakes.

The dives from the skies of France, and enthralling experience moving me across time and dimensions.

Strolling through the Amsterdam's history lanes, a kiss to the Austrian beauty and a walk through the familiar streets of Prague!

The dazzling Eiffel Tower, an image forever etched in my mind. The evenings of Paris hold significant for a lifetime.

What lies ahead?

Life beyond 30 is captivating. Time, year, age, and the duration of happiness – they remain countless as I perpetually grow younger. There's much to unlearn, erasing the remnants of aluminium within. A fully embraced gallium, directed by my interests and liberty.

With every experience shaping my outlook, I'm thrilled to explore new interests in the never-ending list of things to do while you're alive.

And in the process, I hope to make the world a tiny bit better for everyone around, and those who come later.

Here I am, at 30++, celebrating yet another year of life!