Inability to sell self

The cloak of modesty ripping off what I've.

I purchased a cloak long time ago, and wear it as modesty. Living under the cloak almost all my life, resulted in a low self-esteem. When I looked back, I realised it could be apparently irreversible.

I fail at selling myself. The line between selling one's self and bragging is thin for me and I often wouldn't want to go anyway nearby. Made me move my acheivements to a corner where nobody goes, not even me.

I've recently realised why putting a resume together, or updating bio in a dating profile or the art of self-describing myself in any website is incredibly hard.

When I sell myself with all the achievements from the secret corner, I hear a voice from nowehere saying, "self-deception".

I've been brought up with a notion of singing own praises makes me narcissist. I've been reluctant to believe I'm good at something worth, and I brush off my accomplishments as trivial or worthless.

"I solemnly swear I'm upto no good."

Is what I tell myself and others. I highlight the disregard of my attributes, and it resulted in me living in the cloak of modesty.

False modesty added a factor to low confidence.

Despite it's too late, I'm yet to find out how to come out of a cloak and put self in a spot where humility, modesty and bragging doesn't sound too different in practice.

Humans should've the art of selling themselves, even with nothing. With the culture we're brought up in, we're programmed to accept not believing in self. Our acknowledgement of self awesomeness often comes from external sources. And it's short lived only when we sell a little.

We should rewire ourselves to believe we're awesome and sell our distinct features, natural or unnatural, because we're not selling our features. We're selling ourselves.

Selling ourself to prospective customers showing we've what they desire or creating a notion it's a need. When they get a notion of deserve, I'd say you sold well.

If you're aware of a self-development enables such sales, drop me a mail or tweet to me.