2023 and beyond

With life moving indefinitely forward in an apparent irreversible ship sailing from the past, through the rough waves of the present, to the beautiful shores of the future, I often wonder what the journey encapsulates.

With the winds carry the bags of surprises, the flag post of my ship dances to the moment of time. The songs of joy are out loud to the large expanse of deepest waters and darkest secrets I’m yet to find out.

With miracles of time that go beyond the visible future, and we celebrate the mirages we see in still waters far ahead. The brighter shadows we often see of our life, decorate the journey we lead.

With horizon in sight, and our intent to reach there during one fine sunset, we sail the ship with great honour and hope.

With sun and moon dictating our time ahead, and years progressing into new oceans, I wish to celebrate the incredible future ahead. Happy new year 2023 and beyond, to every other ship in the ocean…