Today I don’t feel like doing anything!

Today I don’t feel like doing anything!

I procrastinate to kickstart my lazy ass, rolling on wheels.

Every night before sleep, we’ve plans for the next day. Let’s accept it, we fail. And it’s okay. Missed out gym yet another day. Couldn’t make the post from drafts to publish. Didn’t reply an email for a few days now. Yes, the sun sets before all done. Go to sleep, again.

This was my routine, every day. Thanks to many life lessons from several people, I learned a few. Began an experiment: Every morning, unlike Jerry making a choice of being happy or not, I make only one. Today I don’t feel like doing anything.

By mid day, I reach a point of regret. I start to do something, irrespective of it being in task pipeline. I enjoy it. The point of regret is the energy I need.

All the motivational speeches out there, the blog posts defining and telling what to do every second, failed to give me energy. They helped, made me realise I’m not doing great. Nothing more than a lesson from self experience, yields energy. Started to experience the regret, everyday.

In a few days, I find myself answering an email immediately when it comes to inbox. Do some pending exercises. Meeting some old friends after a long time. Sleep with happiness of what I’ve done today.

The trick is not to adapt and not schedule. It would make every move in my life a habit. Exactly what I don’t want. Life is not Chess, it’s Tetris. We don’t have flexibility to wait, plan for next move. We just make the most of the moment.

A day has lot to do, a perfect schedule for what you should do. Time is wealth, the greatest one can have. Shift focus from time to what to do. If certain tasks are in pipeline, with deadlines but I never took them up, implies they’re not of my interest.
I’ve ‘read about Buddhism’ in my pipeline and I never did. Realised, it’s not of my interest. Remove from pipeline. And I end up with a handful of tasks.

“How am I gonna spend 2 hours after lunch?” vs “What should I do now?” yields me an answer quickly.

Gym is part of daily life? Don’t allocate a time frame to it, instead allocate gym to a time frame. Missed it in the specified time? Push it a few more minutes ahead. In the end, I manage my time, not other way round. “Every morning 2 hours is for gym” vs “gym for 2 hours daily”, is a simple choice.

Still, I don’t feel like doing anything. I procrastinate to think of “how not to procrastinate.” I never want to think about it, it’ll be off my pipeline soon!