Setup VPC with terraform on AWS

Down to dirty blog on setting up VPC with terraform.

This is to setup a new VPC in ap-south-1 with three public and three private subnets. It'll also take care of NAT Gateways, Internet Gateways, etc.

What the script does/creates:

  • There is 1 vpc in ap-south-1
  • There are 3 Availability zones, marked as 1a,1b,1c. To take advantage of multi AZ setup, we've 1 private subnet and 1 public subnet in each AZ. (total 6 subnets)
  • Each private subnet needs to talk to internet via NAT gateway. We're using 1 NAT gateway per AZ.
  • The script takes care of appropriate route table associations and ACL rules.
  • To launch an internal services like kibana, sentry, etc. and public facing Load balancers we use public subnets.
  • For the rest, we use private subnets for all services that aren't exposed to internet, databases, etc.

Terraform Files are here:

Put them all in a folder, change terraform.tfvars with your own AWS credentials.
Do terraform init, terraform plan, terraform apply say yes once you see what's being created.


You should go to about section on this site.

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