Srujan Akumarthi

Software Engineer - Devops
[email protected]


  • Setup infrastructure from ground zero.
  • Reduce costs on infrastructure.
  • Keep uptime and reducing time taken to debug and deploy a fix.
  • Tools: AWS, GCP, ELK, EFK, Sentry, Gitlab, Jenkins, etc.
  • Scale: 100k requests/sec average on few services, mongodb at ~60TB, elasticsearch at ~30TB, Kafka at ~1 billion messages per second ingestion, etc.


  • Self Employed Freelancer (Aug 2020):

    • Cost optimisations on cloud for AWS customers ar various sizes.
    • Implementing infrastructure code and setup end to end monitoring framework, as required by compliances like PCI-DSS.
    • Infrastructure for IOT devices, on AWS
    • Architecture decisions and consult to solve problems.
    • Implement security at infrastructure layer.
  • Devops at Epifi (Nov 2019):

    • Setup the base layer infrastructure with terraform
    • Deployment pipelines with jenkins and other automations
  • Devops at WebEngage (Oct 2016):

    • Increased overall uptime of various services from 90% to 97%
    • Reduced AWS cost by ~40%
    • Provisioned and monitoring mongodb, kafka, mysql clusters, etc.
    • Environment reproducability, config management.
    • Reduced engineering cost by deployment automation, error tracking, SLA screens, etc.
  • Devops at Browserstack (March 2016):

    • Performance improvement using geo DNS (setup across DCs using pdns)
    • Automation to bring up multiple environments
    • Reduce noise of alerts and keep them relevant, actionable.
  • Devops at Tinyowl (April 2015):

    • Scaling services on AWS, setting up new services with Chef.
    • Helping new developers with setup and introduction to stack.
    • Developed git flow, monitoring key elements, taking care of downtimes.
  • Software developer at Pricebaba (Sept 2014):

    • Developed a platform to scrape ecommerce websites and give a price comparison for same product across sites.


  • Computer Science and Engg. from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, from 2010-2014.

Relevant skills:

  • Chef, Ansible for config management
  • Gitlab CI, Jenkins, CodeDeploy, for deployment pipelines
  • Sensu, Datadog (SaaS), Netdata, Cloudwatch for monitoring
  • Terraform for infrastructure provisioning
  • Python/Ruby/Bash scripting for automation jobs
  • Kubernetes for orchestration

Further details:

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