3vs of a Roadmap

3vs of a Roadmap

Minimum Viable Roadmap guidelines

When we get a PRD/Business objective, we should remind ourselves the formula of 3Vs.: Vision, Value and Visibility.

Vision: Defines the broader achievement, aligned with our customer sector. To create a win-win situation with our customer base, and align it with larger goal of the company. Vision focuses on long term, and always stays the same till end of life.

Value: Encompass the value of investment, and return. It differs from vision in the sense that value focuses primarily on day-to-day life changes. We should know how much time+resources are we investing, and how many of our customer base is indeed finding it valuable. As well defined as it could be, the better it aligns everyone in the ecosystem.

Visibility: While we engineer solutions, redefine problem statements and take the journey ahead, it's highly crucial we define what're the metrics we'll measure to calculate the success and/or velocity of the product. Various Factors to consider, metrics and how do we visualise them on a daily basis, embedded early into the roadmap gives us enough time to steer in different directions.

Communicating all 3Vs to the stakeholders and team members early on, will yield results and right set of questions. Spend enough time to ensure the step, before we start the engine.