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Unity in Diversity or Diversity in Unity??

Since our childhood, we are taught "we should be proud of India" for it's "unity in diversity" and a lot of other reasons. At the same time, we are taught that we don't have any regionalism.

It riddles me every second after being mature enough to understand what these actually mean, why should I be proud of India? We don't have any regionalism feeling yet we restrict to love this piece of land named India. Isn't it regionalism? More or less, most of the Indians either directly show off their hatred towards other nations or indirectly, tell that we are proud of India and any comments about this nation will not be tolerated.

When a person excels in some field far in Silicon Valley, we don't bat an eye. But when an Indian goes there and does something good, we all are so overwhelmed all of a sudden and trust me, even those who don't know any shit about what the person has done will say we are proud of that person as being from India. Going deeper, there are people who still proudly say "The person who won Nobel prize recently is from my hometown", while the person out there doesn't actually care much about where he came from.

Finally, coming to the main scenario. India is not a unique nation. It has diversity but there is no unity in diversity as stated in the constitution and the books. In my perspective, India can be widely divided as different nations.

South India - Andhra Pradesh (+Telangana), Karnataka, Tamil nadu which are more popular as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kerala. This popularity is observed in most of the educated people. Others simply call them all as "Tamilians."

Mumbai and Goa: For most of the people Mumbai = Maharashtra. For few others, its just Pune+Mumbai.

North India: This includes New Delhi, Himalayas, Simla, Jammu and Kashmir. If you say you are from north India, you are mostly from Kashmir and you might be a terrorist, or you are from New Delhi and you are damn rich!
There are also few who say, "Girls and boys are very intimate here and have western culture, modern, blah blah blah!"
Where is Uttaranchal? No, most of the people don't know it with that name.

Bihar: There is only one place in Bihar+ Chattisgarh +Jarkhand+Orissa. It's Patna. And yes, if you are from Bihar, you must be a rowdy/ Maoist (naxalite).

Assam/Manipur: Any person from the seven sisters ( Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura) are by default from Assam or Manipur or at some times, Mizo. "You know what, all these people are from China actually. They eat almost all the animals..yuck!"

Punjab: A lot of people are still unaware that Punjab, Chandigarh and Haryana are different states. Moreover, people from this place are all Sardars and are not so talented (Thanks to the Sardar jokes widespread!) Also, everyone from here booze.

West Bengal: "This is part of Bangladesh."

Rajastan: You are from Jaipur and you are a Marwadi.

If you think I missed any of the states in India, sorry, I'm not dividing it with their state names. It's completely based on what people, in general, think.

So, finally, just tell them which corner are you from and they'll tell your city/food habits/your intellectual levels/how modern (or western) you are/how rich are you/etc. and most of the things which you yourselves might not be aware of.

After all this, on Independence day, Republic day and other days of national importance, we say we are proud of India. We take the pledge, we sing our anthem, we say Vandemataram and disperse. Oops, we also hoist the flag.

Now, looking into the other scenario. When thousands of people are killed in Syria, we don't care much. When Ukraine is under crisis, we don't care. When we have any kind of blasts in India (for few people, it's anywhere in the world), it's by default by Pakistan people. And ofcorse, everyone from there is a terrorist and we should hate all of them for the reason being they are born on that piece of land which is called Pakistan.

When we don't have any regionalism, does that small "line of control" matter so much that we hate any person born outside that line? Does it even matter where a person is born, after he being born and brought up?

We've thoughts about people from countries too, as I stated for Indian states. People from Pakistan and Afghanistan are terrorists, people from Russia are militants, people from USA are rich, people from China are rude and they don't speak English at all, people from Japan eat sea food very excessively and they all are wrestlers/Martial art trained,people from Africa are all black and they are not much developed and lot more about other nations!

A country's name might give you a rough idea about what the culture and what's their life style is. But it is not everything. You can't tell a person's food habits based on which country he is from. You can't tell how smart he is, based on which part of the world he comes from. You can't say how wealthy he is, based on the nation's name.

Nation is just the piece of land where we are born. It's not something inscribed in our brains. It is not something we need to be proud of, neither is it the other way. Those lines of border doesn't matter too much that we hate any person outside our border. After all, we are human beings!

We all had Unity. We then provoked Diversity. Later, we say "Unity in Diversity" and actually, do "Diversity in Unity."