Tech Skills You Should Consider To Get A Dream Job In 2020

Sep 15, 2020

Note: This is posted on behalf of career karma.

For many, getting a dream job might seem impossible. When we were kids, we thought about what we were going to be when we grew up. However, at that time, we didn't know how to achieve it. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic changed the rules of the game. Many people lost their jobs and started to learn new skills, but the question is: Are they moving in the right direction?

Achieving your goals and getting the job of your dreams can be difficult when you don't know where to start. But, if you have patience and discipline, I can assure you'll achieve it. Due to the pandemic, leading companies have begun to hire tech employees to move forward.

If you've decided to achieve your dreams and get the job you've always wanted, these tech skills will help you get it done. As you'll be able to work from home, you will become indispensable for any organization.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketers are the new must-haves in the sales department. As customers are making more online purchases, organizations need skilled employees to deal with it. The role of digital marketers is to improve and implement marketing strategies to reach bigger audiences and, of course, increase sales. But, the way they approach customers is what matters.

To become a digital marketer, you have to think about what your strengths are. Then, if you find that your creativity and determination is what moves you, you are half-way there. For digital marketers, it's common to use digital platforms like social networks to reach customers. It allows companies to create a friendly culture where customers feel loved.

Digital marketers are in demand, and companies like Amazon are making very attractive offers to get their attention. According to Glassdoor, a digital marketer can earn up to $121,000 per year at Amazon. So, if you seek for a life change, learning digital marketing is what you need in 2020.

Rithm School's coding bootcamp offers courses in digital marketing where you can get new skills. The company is based in San Francisco. In only 16 weeks, you'll get the right knowledge to land your dream job. In their small classes, highly experienced tutors will help you to learn in the most effective way.

Rithm School is committed to its students' success. They help students to get professional experience by spending time contracting for companies in the Bay Area.

Machine Learning

In the digital era, smart systems are helping companies meet customers' requirements. As they can provide more personalized experiences, customers can get what they want even without asking it. For example, when you visit Walmart's website, you only need to search for a few products to get very accurate suggestions.

Walmart uses machine learning algorithms to help customers save time while shopping. Also, they can find products quickly; they can feel more comfortable. Other companies like Pinterest, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook also use machine learning. To land a position in a large-sized company, you should learn machine learning skills.

You'll help companies improve their products, which will help them remain competitive. Learning Python can help you achieve your goal, and it's a beginner-friendly programming language. Python is exceptional for analyzing and interpreting data, and that's why data scientists and data analysts love it.

Springboard is a coding school that gets you job-ready in only six months. As you can learn from home, there will be no barriers during the process. During each course, you receive help from an industry mentor. And as you'll build a portfolio, convincing employers won't be a struggle.


Since websites are helping companies reach bigger audiences and reduce costs, they have become indispensable. Since the pandemic started, customers are more concerned about the experience they can have. Given that, the demand for skilled web developers has increased as they are vital to meet customers' needs.

To design a website, you have to be creative not only to make a visually appealing design but to provide an immersive experience. Learning JavaScript will allow you to get hired in a world-class company as you'll make the best designs. By using frameworks, JavaScript developers can save time on coding and focus on what's important.

Nowadays, gathering data is crucial for organizations. And web apps are a great source of information. JavaScript not only allows developers to build more dynamic sites but also exceptional server-side programs. As it can be used for front and back end development, it's the right tool for taking big strides.

Many coding schools offer JavaScript courses. But, if you really want to impress employers, you should enroll in Flatiron School's online bootcamp. Their immersive courses allow students to be on the right path for career fulfillment. As they can learn through test-driven labs and hands-on projects, students will get the right skills to become valuable professionals.

Amazon Web Services

Since data is the most valuable resource, having data security and accessibility is now indispensable for organizations. Cloud services like Amazon Web Services allow companies not only to keep their data safe but to analyze and interpret it. As they can create better insights, they make better decisions. Furthermore, companies are using cloud services to get rid of physical databases and reduce costs.

Learning AWS skills will help you to meet employers' demands. As you'll allow companies to improve their data management and data storage strategies, they'll love you to be in their team. Also, by implementing best practices, you'll make their products and apps more scalable.

Coding Dojo is a coding school that allows you to learn AWS skills as well as other in-demand programming languages. You'll become a self-sufficient programmer in as little as 20 hours per week. The company allows students to take part-time or full-time courses depending on their needs.


Learning these skills will significantly increase your job opportunities. As you will have what employers are looking for in their new hirings, you'll get the job you've always dreamed of. Keep in mind that the tech market is continuously growing, and more companies are making a digital transition.


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