Srujan Akumarthi

Software Engineer (DevOps) and a writer

+91 950 345 4780 | [email protected] | 29th Nov 1992
Address for Communication : B-206, Unique Apartments, Ramesh Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai.


To learn, grow myself and help the company grow along, in various aspects of challenges in DevOps, Infrastructure and OS resources.

WORK EXPERIENCE (Total: 3.5 years)

  • WebEngage as DevOps Engineer, from October 2016.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Acheivements:
  • Turtlemint as DevOps Engineer, from August 2016.
  • Responsibilities: Infrastructure and monitoring reliability.
  • Acheivements: Streamlined deployment process, migrated infrastructure from Singapore region to Mumbai on AWS, monitoring via Sentry and Newrelic.
  • BrowserStack as DevOps Engineer, from March 2016.
  • Responsibilities: Infrastructure management, monitoring, alerting, access management, security, uptime.
  • Acheivements: DNS server to enable geo-based routing, using pdns. Enhance alerting to reduce noise, overall.
  • TinyOwl as a DevOps Engineer, from April 2015.
    • Responsibilities: Infrastructure management, monitoring, security, scalability and ensuring services to be all time up.
    • Achievements: Scalable infrastructure for various kinds of applications (microservices) with minor changes. Secure infra on cloud, by privatisation of machines. Environment neutrality across development, staging and production.
  • as a Software Developer, from September 2014.
    • Responsibilities: Scraping mobile data from various ecommerce platforms and make a price comparison tool for same products across them.
    • Achievements: Tool to plugin various formats of data and compare them against themselves to find matching devices. Flexible tool for all electronic gadgets. Scraping with no IP bans.


Computer Science and Engg. from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur, from 2010-2014.


  • Sentiment analysis: Sarcasm Detection of Tweets [August 2013 - April 2014]
    As a part of academics project, the application to detect sarcasm in tweets collected has been developed. The application works with the help of API for sentiment analysis and Stanford Parser for parts of speech, which are further diagnoised by our tools for sarcasm.
    Thesis and details

  • Graduation guide database [May 2014]
    A platform to give information about all the graduation courses available across the globe and provide details such as What is the course meant for, prerequisites, where is it available, etc. The platform would go large and ranking of the institutions is done course-wise, considering the sentiment analysis of the reviews given by professors of the institute, the student alumni, the current students with different academic performance.

  • Browser based Operating System [May 2014]
    A web browser based operating system which has all the functions required for OS incorporated in the web browser except for the file system. All kind of files open with browser with the help of different tools. The OS is based on linux and it uses less RAM. The key features of OS is that it sleeps the process which is not the current tab in the browser. Thus, maximum RAM is allocated to the current tab. It is being built with the help of Suse studio tools at ​​.

  • Rest all minor and major projects, related to devops, can be found on github profile.


  • Programming Languages:​ C (7/10), Python (9/10), Ruby (6/10), Bash (8/10)
  • Website Designing :​ Django and Ruby on Rails. Amateur in Javascript.
  • Database Management: ​Mongodb(9/10), MySql(7/10), Postgres (8/10)
  • Cloud and system management: Distributed systems (Docker) with configuration management tools like Ansible, Chef and own shell scripts. Mostly linux platforms.
  • Other tools worked with: Redis (caching), Consul (service discovery), Vault (password manager), Sentry (Error reporting), etc. essential for devops tasks.



  • Writes a good amount of short stories.
  • Currently writing a book “Faded Shadow.” Finished writing a book “Holy Dinner”, yet to be published.

I hereby acknowledge that the information furnished above is correct to the best of my knowledge.