This is an ongoing article aimed to give instructions on self paced devops training.
Keep checking back for edits. Typical time is subjective and changes from person to person. It's fine if you're taking longer than mentioned.
Getting a mentor when things are taking longer is always a good idea.

Task 1: Setup github pages blog using jekyll. Use it as a front page for all the subsequent blogs.
Learned: Static vs Dynamic websites, git, github account.
Typical time: 2-3 hours.

Task 2: Introduction to CI/CD via gitlab pages. This is similar to above task with a slight modification on gitlab pages.
Learned: Continuous integration, continuous deployment, gitlab.. reuse git knowledge here.
Typical time: 1 hour.

Task 3: Add custom domain to above website and use cloudflare.
Learned: What and how of dns, what's CDN, what and why of ssl.
Typical time: 1 hour.

Task 4: Write a blog post on all the above tasks in your own words, and how you leveraged everything above.
Learned: Review of everything you've learned so far.
Typical time: 1 hour.

Task 5: Pick a programming language and start learning it. Python, if you're confused what to pick.
Resources: has a python learning module, & codeacademny has interactive spoon fed tutorials, has syntax reference python page. I don't recommend video tutorials. Get your hands dirty
Learned: What's a programming language and why we need one, usage of an editor, exquisite usage of shell.
Typical time: 5-6 hours. Don't learn everything in one go. Do it slowly and partially.

Task 6: Deploy a ghostjs website on your localhost. Do some changes of theme and configurations. Take an AWS plain vanilla server and take local code to there, make it work without any code changes on the server.
Learned: AWS concepts like ec2 instance, security group, subnets, public/private IPs, ssh, deployment to production, setup of ghostjs on both local and server.
Typical time: 8 hours.

Task 7: Automate the above deployment process via github or gitlab and deployment to production.
Learned: CI/CD process of dynamic or non-static applications.
Typical time: 3-4 hours.

Task 8: Monitor the application. Give a report on how's it working, do load testing and see what breaks at what point, debug and fix it.
Learned: Debugging, what to monitor, what metrics are fine, what's abnormal.
Typical time: 4 hours.

Task 9: Alerts and feedback loops. Setup alerts on when things are going to break, and what's the appropriate fix.
Learned: Managing alerts, automating fixes.
Typical time: 3 hours.

Task 10: Automate everything done so far. Destroy everything in AWS account and recreate it with automation.
Learned: Infrastructure as a code and other config management tools, python based boto3 scripts or aws-cli scripts.
Typical time: 6 hours.