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‘Re’view of Gadget Review

In these days of internet era, the world is quite elegantly embedded in a 15 inch screen. The rapid technology growth is directing towards making it in much smaller screen size. Mobile phones became smart making people, the other way round. While it's worth a debate between the pros and cons of this advancement, the people are more interested in comparing the pros and cons of several devices within this technology. It's greatly categorized in several domains that people would be glad to do a smaller level of research in the field. Very less amount of people who go for online reviews really know what GHz, RAM mean and what's the difference between them. Alarming, people don't even know what 720p, 1080p are. No, it's not pixel! Neither do they know what's the difference between 8mp camera and 12mp camera except for the  numbers. Everyone wants a DSLR camera but don't even know its full form, nor its specialty.  And the latest 4K technology, which even I don't know being an average techie. GPRS, 3g, 4g, Capacitive touch screen are just strange terms which people believe they know. Forget about Qualcomm snapdragon or Quad-core, most of them are unaware of what a processor is.

As the technology is advancing day by day, the people who review them are going towards usage of technical terms quite flexibly, assuming a normal person would understand. What amuses me is that a technology driven 15 inch screen is pretty successful in making people believe they are intelligent enough to understand technical terms. Smart phones made people think they are smart, than what they are. How irony!

Honestly, how many of us want to say 'ok, Google' before calling someone? Isn't it analogous to 'over' in olden days of walkie-talkie?  Or are we really so busy that we can’t spend a while typing what we want? We’re not even using phone calls to a great extent these days, thanks to WhatsApp, etc. Phone is always within the reach, less than a full arm distance. Or we’ve some other device connected with the phone, even watches are smart now. I’m afraid I might draw a conclusion that necessity was a mother of invention and now, invention is the mother of necessity.

For all the common people out there, start questioning yourself. Don’t just go with the crowd. Educate yourself if you really want to know about all those specifications before using a phone.

For all the technical reviewers out there, normal people know you’re intelligent and good at writing. But, when you write a review, remember that a layman or a 6 year old should understand it completely without referring any other link. That’s what reviews are for. It’s not to judge that a phone has camera with burst mode while the other hasn’t. It’s to tell them what burst mode is, and let them decide if they really need it in their daily life. And if you explain them like “Gorilla glass is a powerful glass which protects screen from scratches”, people shall ask you then what’s the purpose of scratch guard. You got to explain it in detail, which inturn means that you need to understand them in detail. Please take note, reviews are not just for tech community. And don’t expand tech community by making normal people, with no knowledge in the domain, think that they’ve.

Imagine if everyone can understand crucial biological terms a doctor uses and try them out practically on themselves or others. That’s scary! And that’s the future we’re building.