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Mumbai to Amalapuram - with a retired prostitute

_“Yaatriyan krupaya dhyaan de.  Gaadi kramaank  11019 platform kramank paanch se thodi hi der mein ravaana hogi”_I rose up from the old iron chair in the waiting hall. Took my bag and went to the platform.
Boarded the train at 15:25 IST, and slowly the train started to move. I thought I didn’t have any interesting co-passengers.
It was so great, all the three days. After all, it’s Mumbai, the incredible city India ever has. Ahh, am not describing Mumbai in my words now. All I could say about, it is atleast 10 years ahead of any other city in India, probably because of the wealthier man settled there.  Not in all respects, though.

As the train moved on for a small distance, it had it engine failed. Such a sad start of the journey it was. And there was one more train failed at the same time on a parallel track. It can’t be the worst. My journey is going to be hell, was the only thought I had. And the rain is waiting.3 hours late I reached Kalyan junction, there I had a co-passenger. A decent pale-red looking girl in twenties with attractive eyes a man would stare long. She has a blonde hair, loosen and her lips are of a French teenage girl. Her outfits made her look so perfect though I doubt it. She is slim and fit with an outstanding structure. Any man would dream of making love to her. She looked classic and quite studious.She started speaking in a lovely husky voice, “Hi. Can you please help me putting my luggage?”
She settled herself in her seat and spoke to herself that the stupid train, stupid rain and herself a stupid and the world is so stupid. I just pretended not to listen her and managed not to smile, well, I wasn’t so successful. There was a blow and the train started. Then, I thought the journey was going to be good.I wasn’t so hungry but the girl was. Egg biryani, it was not so good but she managed to have it. Hunger can make a person wild. After all, the pleasant weather took our sight out of window. Till Pune, its great scenic beauty may be due to the clouds passing so close by. There were tunnels repeatedly and she’d shout in each tunnel like a kid. I felt embarrassed a bit, huh, why me? Ridiculous…“So, where are you going?” she started to talk as we crossed Pune. “Vizag”, I told. I thought she might not be familiar to my town. And when I asked her where she was headed to, she told Amalapuram.
I was trolled. :D Then we had few introductory talks. She is from Delhi University, her native place being Delhi, it was the first of her life coming south. I didn’t bother much about why, that kills her privacy, I thought.
“My life is so miserable. Never knew my father. My mother looked after me only for my first 6 years. She used to say that I shouldn’t be born but her boss compelled to give me life. She was a prostitute. Now, she is quite a famous porn-star. Her boss gave me life, because one day, he needs fresh teens and I’d be one. My mom fled away at my 6. I sometimes wonder, if I am the only one who hates her own mother on this earth. She used to sleep with many and in my childhood innocent days, I had to see few people beating her and harassing her. She did all for money. She used to say, one day, you’ll be the same as me with a smile on her face. She had a deep interest in sex and money. When they are together, she forgets the world. I thought I’d prefer death to such a life. At 6, I flew away from there on some train and landed in Delhi. There I fed myself by begging people. I thought there were only coins in rupees. I didn’t know they come in paper too. One day, a man offered me a note of Rs.20 and I thought it’s useless. I went back him begging for a rupee. He was irritated and shouted “I gave you 20 bucks and you ask more??” Then I showed him the note and asked if it was Rs.20 note. He asked if I were blind, I told I was ignorant that money comes in paper. He surprisingly looked at me and took me with him. He is quite old, in his fifties. He asked me to serve him at his house. He gave me everything, food, clothes and shelter. After a year of service, I asked him to let me go school. He told I should finish all the work every day and leave to school. I never left work unfinished, whatever it was. There were times when I had a lot of work and missed school. All was good until I was 10 years old. I don’t know my birthday, though. When I was 10, he died out of cancer. He used to smoke a lot. And he was also involved in smuggling dangerous drugs. I was unaware that even I packed some drugs with my own hands. After his death, I came to know he had a son. I never saw him in while he was alive but after his death, he came to claim property. I was also enquired a bit about his death, as he was a smuggler. His son threw me away for my innocent answers to the police. A child wouldn’t lie unless she is intelligent. I wasn’t. Then I had to spend my life earning. I used to work at several places as a servant. I pushed up my life so well. Eventually, I got admitted into Navodaya educational society. Free education, free food. Life was so great. But when it comes to holidays, I didn’t know where to go. I used to roam different places with the savings I had. When I was in 10th standard, I decided to go to my mom. I saved a lot of money and went to her place after my completion of school. I couldn’t find her there. But the boss noticed me and asked what I was there for. I was afraid if I should say that I came for my mother. My mother came out there, and I went running to her. That’s the greatest mistake I’ve ever done in my life. I wasn’t matured enough then to have sex. But my mother, she is a bitch, a whore. She put me into it. I escaped twice but they caught me back. I was informed that I got a seat in some good college for my further studies. But I had to pay fees there. Mom would give me money only if I slept with few. And aspirations to study made me a prostitute. I had to do it for all my dreams come true. And I was picked up by rich people sometimes. Life walks slowly. To make it run, we may have to do some stupid things. But I never did it intentionally.
I never thought that this society would mark me as a prostitute when I was at good position. Today, my academics are good. I’ve 4 degrees in my hand but still people see me as a prostitute only. Everyone is not born rich enough. And being a whore’s baby, I had no choice. I am not a prostitute, yes, I was but not now. Now, I am an engineering student in a good college. After a year, I’ll be introducing myself as a graduate in five different fields, Law, Engineering, Mathematics, Arts and Economics. If people still call me a whore, they are as ignorant as I was when I was 6. The world is so stupid.”
“You had a great life. It was inspiring and a lesson. Till date, I never thought of life of a prostitute. I have seen them in movies, novels, etc. I used to think they just don’t know any other ways to earn money but you showed me their life. To all the prostitutes, a great respect. Ofcourse, you aren’t one of themJ.”
And then we reached station. I told her that am also from Amalapuram. She asked why I lied.
“I thought that it won’t be familiar to you”

I was surprised. A great journey and the best co-passenger I ever had. Hats off!!