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I know no sin!

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It was dark night with clouds and I was walking alone on the left side of the road. The roads were full of mud and were quite slippery, all I had was a torch from my mobile. At a distant, I could see someone flashing the light sending a waiting signal. I went normally and there she was, a woman in 20s with a red saree. She asked me to help her in reaching her home, on my way. When we were walking ahead for a while on this village roads talking to each other, the heavy rain started quite suddenly. We were too wet in the small time of finding a place to cover. There was lightening and she was frightened and hugged me, in fear. She was wet and looking hot, a red saree, night time, and rain blocked us from going ahead. What else could run in my mind! My hormones got activated and directed my brain to indulge in sex with her. When she denied in first attempt, my mind was out of control and removed her clothes forcibly. She was crying hard but my ears were dumb and eyes were blinded by her sexy curves. I had a forced sex with her on that night for few minutes. When my body parts exhausted, my mind came in control and I realized what I did just then. All I could think of is to run away from her but she was crying. Well, I am selfish and I ran away leaving her.

Why did the girl walk on village road during night time when she knew that the roads are not good? Can't she go earlier? Can't she take some vehicle? Why should she wear that red saree, can't it be any other attire? And is it really necessary to start walking despite clouds? It's all her mistake. I did nothing wrong! I just had sex with her, forcibly though. I know no sin.

It was sunday. I was in my car on the highway with a heavy speed in the middle of the day. In the frames of mirages, I can see a girl asking for lift. Slowed down there, her car failed and she was asking lift till the nearest mechanic shop. I agreed and she was in, with her pretty good short cotton dress exposing most of her body. Thanks to the hot sun for this clothes. We went few km ahead and no sign of mechanic. The road was empty and the girl was really awesome and seducing. FM was playing the apt song, 'Tonight i'm fuckin u'. Car slow, one hand steer and my left hand pressed her navel instead of changing gears. I stopped the car aside right then and the doors were locked. She tried resisting but couldn't help. I tried to have sex with her decently but it turned out to be violent. I kissed her on each and every part of the body and torn off her remaining clothes, without my knowledge, in the process. My nails did hurt her a lot and her genital parts must be paining a lot. Her breasts lost their shape and her lips turned red blood. After everything was done, I didn't know what to do with her and there was a checkpost a few miles ahead. Without any second thought, I threw her out of the car and started my drive. Well, I am selfish and I ran away leaving her.

Why did the girl wear such clothes? Men don't wear short clothes because of hot sun, why should she? Why should she drive a car on highway on a Sunday, alone? Why should the girl ask for lift from strangers instead of calling some of her friends up? Couldn't she fight back when I forced her for sex? Or the other way, couldn't she accept it decently and had it in a smooth way? I did nothing wrong! I know no sin.

One bright morning, my wife was out of station and I woke up a bit late. There was the maid cleaning rooms. My eyes locked up to her hot ass early as soon as I woke up. There were no other in home. I went closer to her and directly laid my hand on her ass. She turned back in surprise and asked what I was doing. I didn't respond her with my words but I made my lips busy immediately and locked them. She tried to repel and I pushed her on the ground. She was hit hard but I didn't care and continued to bite her breasts. She was shouting out of pain, I slapped her and kept her mouth shut with my penis. She had no option but to do whatever I said. Her tears never stopped me in action and her body being hurt didn't bother me to think. I had a good pleasure with her for a long time. And then, I didn't know what to do with her. I paid her off some money and told her to leave immediately, warned her not to be in this city anymore. She left before my wife arrived and everything was normal.

Is the maid mad? Doesn't she know that she shouldn't come for work when the owner's wife is out of station? Shouldn't she be aware that her positions while working shouldn't be seductive? She was wearing clothes with some holes, shouldn't she think twice before wearing such? Or the other way, shouldn't she decently agree to her boss and do sex with him in his first offer? After all, that'd have resulted her in earning more money. I did nothing wrong! I know no sin.

Friday nights in the city never fail to have special attraction. Night life is the life what people desire forever. DJ sounds, dance floor, unlimited alcohol and drugs! A lot of fun. I was in one such party recently. I found a girl on the dance floor and her sexy moves turned my mind crazy. She was completely under the control of alcohol and dancing crazy. I took more alcohol before approaching her and had some drugs in my pocket. I went to her, danced a while with her. Offered her one more drink and she was stammering. I got hold of her and took her to the washroom. Took out my drugs and made her take them in. Thanks to the alcohol already taken, my work was quite easier. She went to the stoned stage and I took her clothes out. I fucked her smoothly and she was enjoying it. I didn't notice I was in ladies washroom until a girl came in. She was her friend and was in her senses. She yelled at me and dragged her friend aside. I slapped her, slammed the door. I gave her drugs forcibly but she was in senses yet. But I didn't care, I torn off her top and removed her bra. Her eyes were filled with tears but my entire body is filled with alcohol. I fucked her hard and left that place before anyone could notice what happened.

Girls in night parties, with alcohol? Aren't they aware of it's side effects? And the other girl, shouldn't she call her other friends from outside instead of fighting alone? Shouldn't she had complained the club heads and guards before she started yelling at me? Or the other way, shouldn't she had let her friend continue enjoying it? I did nothing wrong, I was in alcohol's control! I know no sin.

She was in burkha, waiting for the last bus.It arrived with 4 people in it, she was alone and I also entered the bus. They were all drunk, 3 guys and a girl. The bus driver was paid off by them to change the route and he was taking the bus in a very different way. This girl noticed it and woke up from her seat to go to the driver. A guy took hold of her hand, and other guy came from behind tearing her top. The other girl came there and took the lead to remove all her clothes. She slapped the girl and spanked her ass. She took hold of her lips with her own lips. The guys were busy in making the other parts busy. I couldn't help her but I found it no wrong to go and be a part of them. I went there, took hold of the girl's breasts forcibly with my lips and the other girl voluntarily offered her mouth to keep my penis busy, she was enjoying it. 4 guys and a girl together were having sex inside the bus. The driver stopped the bus at one point, came with a rod in his hand. I expected him to hit us all, but he took it right into her vagina and laughed loudly. The other girl removed it immediately but began to suck her parts to soothe it, brutally. All the guys were busy in enjoying with both the girls in all possible ways and in the end, they threw off the girl being raped from the bus and drove fast.

I was alone and they were 4. I was helpless with both my strength and feelings. Why was the girl waiting till last bus? Why was she alone? She should've called someone at least, before getting into the bus, right? I did nothing wrong! I know no sin.
_One day my wife went out and my 11 year old daughter just woke up from bed. I have a habit of having sex every morning with my wife but this morning, she was not there. But my body didn't rest and forced me to daughter's room.She was sleeping in her night wear and without second thought, I went to her and removed her clothes. I offered her chocolates for sucking my penis. After a while, she started crying but I didn't bother to carry on. I offered her more and more but at some point, she couldn't take it anymore. She hit me back and ran towards door. I slapped her left and right, warned her not to let the air of this to go out. I offered her more and more to make her silent. Well, no explanation! I can't leave my daily activity just because my wife is not there. I can't say no to morning urine because no water, can I? It's my wife's mistake of going out when I woke up. I did nothing wrong! I know no sin.

In many other cases, I know no sin but I did sex with girl/woman forcibly. Well, I've my own reasons for doing that, never really intended to hurt. I didn't really rape woman, just had sex forcibly. In the end, I had no choice but to throw off or kill the woman. You wanna kill me for doing this? No, I'm not ready to accept that. I never did any sin. Please think twice before killing me.

Note: Yes, it's very disgusting while you read. The intention of writing them in detail is that several people across Internet say that rape is brutal, but there is no brief explanation of how brutal it is, to my knowledge. Hence, I put-forth the incidents before you and leave it to you, the justice.