About Me

Why acsrujan? What does "c" stand for?

Here's what happened. When I first created email, I tried for srujan, asrujan, absrujan, acsrujan.. and guess what, ac was available and I took it. I made it my internet identity ever since. ;)

What do you do?

To earn money, I do engineering in software. I generally deal with infrastructure, service reliability, CI/CD, deployment pipelines, production debugging, disaster management, etc.

To spend money, I travel as much as I can. And ofcorse, pay my EMIs.

How can someone find you on internet?

Find me anywhere with "acsrujan"..That'd most likely be me. but you know, internet is weird place :)

Github: https://github.com/acsrujan
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/acsrujan/
Gitlab: https://gitlab.com/acsrujan
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/acsrujan For all my gyaan, etc.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/acsrujan
Smugmug: https://acsrujan.smugmug.com/ For all my photos :)

Drop a mail here: [email protected]

I want to pay you for no reason at all..

Thanks a lot!
You can send to UPI id [email protected] or click below! :)

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